HELiFIRE Buckets


HELiFOAM™ Injections System


"Pilot Controlled Self-Contained Class A Foam Injections System"


HELiFOAM offers the ultimate foam injection systems for Helicopter Monsoon Buckets


The HELiFOAM™ system is used by pilots, to transfer and inject Class A foam (fire suppressant) concentrate at 0.5% into each load of water within the monsoon bucket to increase the effectiveness of fire bombing drops. The unit is available in two models:


Cabin Option - Designed to be mounted inside the helicopter and allow the operator to store and bulk supply foam concentrate from the original 19 Litre (5 gal) container inside the self-contained spill unit


Skid Mount Option – Designed to be mounted on the helicopter skid and allow the operator to store and bulk supply foam concentrate from two (2) original 19 Litre (5 gal) containers inside the cradle






The HELiFOAM™ system is used to create aerated foam which reduces the surface tension of the water, and allows the water to cling to vertical or horizontal surfaces without run off.


This allows the water to absorb more heat and provides greater penetration into Class A fuels, which knocks down a fires intensity to allow ground resources access to the fire edge for extinguishment.




This portable system that utilises pre-plumbed, on-board piping is either conveniently mounted inside the helicopter or attached to the hard point on the skid/fuselage. 


The pilot or crew member then installs the supplied 20 litre foam pail into the unit, then places the pick-up wand on the suction side of the pump into the concentrate container and the discharge hose extending down the strop into the monsoon bucket is made with a quick connect fitting.






To initiate the system the pilot depresses the momentary switch on the cyclic to engage the unit and control the injection rates supplied to the helicopter monsoon bucket.





The key benefits of this product are:

  • May be mounted inside the helicopter or on the Skid
  • Self-contained spill proof housing allows for quick and easy mounting
  • Allows quick reload without messy spillage using 19 Litres (5G) pails of concentrate
  • All components for filling and dispensing foam are located in a single unit
  • Injection rates controlled by Pilot using a momentary switch on the cyclic
  • Control unit houses a power switch, foam dispenser timer and discharge pump
  • Powered by 12 volts DC, either from the aircraft or from an auxiliary power source




Manufactured in New Zealand by Rural Fire Service for Aerial Firefighting


Download the HELiFOAM Direct Injection System Brochure





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