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Below, you'll find a list of testimonials from Pilots and Operators that appreciate our range of innovative aerial firefighting equipment and prompt customer service. 


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This letter serves as a recommendation in relation to the HELiFIRE™ Monsoon Bucket Aerial Firefighting Role Equipment that is produced by Mr Simon Osborne of Rural Fire Service Ltd, Ongaonga, New Zealand. 


My company has purchased 4 of these units to fulfil our firefighting support contracts and have found the product to be innovative, well built and easy to operate in the demanding aerial firefighting environment.


Currently we operate these units on domestic and international contracts and the performance has been exemplary. Our competitors operating the industry standard Bambi Bucket line of products have certainly been taking notice and continue to be amazed purely by the simplicity of the product. To us, simplicity in the demanding firefighting environment means quicker setup, reliable operation and rapid response in getting the fire under control.


On a business level, I can endorse Mr Simon Osborne for his ongoing customer support and technical assistance. His standing offer of aerial firefighting training with any bucket purchased is second to none and a real asset to the industry.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me anytime on the phone number listed above or directly via email mark@argusaviation.co.nz


Yours sincerely,


Mark Stagg - Director
Argus Aviation I Argus Helicopters Ltd

New Zealand CAA Inspection Authorization I Licensed Engineer I Rotary Wing Pilot.
FAA Inspection Authorization I A&P I Rotary Wing Pilot.
Australia CASA Licensed Engineer I Rotary Wing Pilot.


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